There's a better way to attach grating.

There's a better way to attach grating. Call 800-227-9013
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Saddle Clips
G-Clips Tops
saddle clip
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GFI solutions
Fasten grating
from above with hand tools; no drilling, bolting or welding.
Traditional method of attaching grating. Drill or bolt to beams.
Replace saddle clip installs: greater holding strength, vibration resistance.
Innovative products to solve other grating problems.
Installs with a torque wrench
G-Clips Grating Fasteners attach grating securely and easily, from above, with hand tools. No cutting, tapping or drilling required.

Please note that Grating Fasteners, Inc. has changed its name to Grating Fasteners, LLC. If you have any questions please call our accounting department at 1-800-811-1065.

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